XZEB 1143

Residential Air Source Heat Pump Installation Skills

Course Details

Institution:British Columbia Institute of Technology

Length of the program:5 days

The course provides an opportunity for residential HVAC installers to practice hands-on skills required for single-family residential air source heat pump installations, applying knowledge gained in prerequisite theory courses. After instructor demonstrations, students will practice techniques for executing a quality installation while working on ducted and ductless heat pump systems.

This course is delivered in the BCIT Residential Heat Pump Installation Lab, which hosts small residential equipment commonly used for single-family homes. This includes two different central heat pumps, a dual fuel system, and a multi-zone heat pump with a wall-mounted mini split, a slim duct indoor unit, a ceiling cassette, and a vertical central air handling unit.

Over 5 days, students will assess electrical panels and ducting systems, interpret manufacturer installation manuals, correctly use start-up sheets, optimize ducting additions, install refrigerant line sets, charge systems with refrigerant, install condensate drains, install controls, commission and troubleshoot systems, and prepare for owner hand-over training. Students will learn safe work practices, refrigerant handling, and understanding of how the quality of a heat pump installation affects its performance.

The course builds on the experience and theoretical knowledge of residential HVAC contractors. From mandatory prerequisite courses, students will already have knowledge and skills for heat loss and heat gain calculations, forced-air heating and cooling, design and installation of forced air and heat pump retrofits, refrigerants, in addition to holding a B-class Gas Fitter ticket.

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