VENT 1824

Apprentice to CEO - Entrepreneurial Skills for the Trades

Course Details

Institution:British Columbia Institute of Technology

Length of the program:12 weeks

Whether you’re an apprentice looking to the future, a journeyman who is looking to start their own business, or a trades person looking to become more valuable to their employer, Entrepreneurial skills for the trades will provide skills and insights to help build and maintain a successful trades business. What sets this apart from most "start your own business" courses is it’s strong emphasis on how to set up an operating system for your trades business. Topics such as invoicing, job tracking, estimating, finances, and safety programs will be a large component of the course, always keeping the focus on a trades business. Other topics include, how to set up a business (incorporation, proprietorship, partnership), business insurance, business taxes, introduction to financing sources, and an introduction to marketing your trades business.

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