XTMB 1002

Mass Timber Construction: Intro to Installation, Building Performance and Construction Management

Course Details

Institution:British Columbia Institute of Technology

Length of the program:8 weeks

Module 1 in this course outlines the basic structural components, connections, and structural layouts, as well as site installation for mass timber construction, including safety considerations when handling and lifting mass timber components.

Module 2 focuses on the installation of building enclosures for mass timber construction. The building enclosure is a system of materials, components, and assemblies that physically separate conditioned space (interior) from unconditioned spaces (exterior). The long-term performance of the building enclosure relies on effective environmental control, which is a key factor in constructing a sustainable and durable mass timber building enclosure.

Modules 3 and 4 give an introduction to fire protection and sound insulation performance for mass timber construction, respectively. In these modules, students will learn about the primary means to achieving fire safety in buildings, building features which affect sound insulation performance, and the difference between light-frame construction and mass timber construction in terms of fire and sound insulation performance.

In Module 5, students will learn about the main phases and the roles and responsibilities in each construction phase which will give them a better appreciation of the effort and scope that goes into planning, managing and constructing a mass timber project. In addition to the course content, students will learn about performance of mass timber construction by reviewing several case studies.

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