How TradeUpBC Works

About TradeUpBC

TradeUpBC is a pioneering initiative dedicated to highlighting the diverse array of short courses offered by institutes across British Columbia. Our primary goal is to elevate and broaden the accessibility of microcredentials and professional development opportunities for tradespeople across the province.

In partnership with the Ministry of BC, TradeUpBC has identified seven key areas of demand (see below). Our initiative is committed to offering post-secondary opportunities tailored to these demand areas, effectively bridging the economic gap. Through demand-specific training via courses and microcredentials, TradeUpBC aims to cultivate a future trades workforce that is resilient, inclusive, and adaptable to both rapid and incremental changes in job requirements across BC. Together, we strive to shape a workforce that meets the current needs of the industry and is well-prepared for future challenges.

Opening Your Career Options

Our platform is strategically designed to address the economic disparities within the skilled trades industries. By providing tradespeople with access to a curated selection of courses and programs, our goal is to empower them with essential skills and knowledge. This will enable them to thrive in their respective fields and contribute significantly to the overall growth of our province.

We realize BC has experienced a noticeable void in opportunities for tradespeople to pursue post-certification training. That’s why the TradeUpBC initiative features a variety of courses and microcredentials to showcase the multitude of career pathways. View these possible pathways below to see how you can benefit from the professional development opportunities available.

areas of demand

The offerings in the above sectors will equip tradespeople to:

Adapt to Changes in Technology and Digitization:

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, tradespeople will learn to embrace new technologies and digital tools to stay competitive and excel in their fields.

Address the Impact of Climate Change:

With a focus on sustainability, tradespeople will receive the training to respond to the challenges posed by climate change, and to be able to integrate eco-friendly practices into their work.

Develop Business and Entrepreneurial Skills:

In an ever-evolving business landscape, tradespeople will learn to embrace new techniques and methodologies, ensuring successful entrepreneurship.

Build Leadership Skills for Effective Apprenticeship Guidance:

Tradespeople will receive leadership and project management training, empowering others toward a shared vision, fostering collaboration, and enabling success.

Promote Inclusive Workplaces and Reconciliation:

Emphasizing inclusivity and reconciliation, these programs will foster diverse and respectful work environments, promoting understanding and cooperation.

Identify and Support Pathways to Become Educators:

For those who are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise, these programs will help tradespeople explore pathways to becoming educators, passing their knowledge for future generations.

Ensure the Health and Safety of the Workplace:

Master occupational health, safety, and first aid skills, ensuring the well-being of the people in your workplace environment.