MKTG 1341

Sustainable Event and Trade Show Marketing


Course Details

Institution:British Columbia Institute of Technology

Length of the program:12 weeks

Trade shows require a surprising amount of creativity, planning, budget and energy. A planner must consider many steps and moving parts to fully leverage the marketing and resource investment in these events. And most importantly, all need to plan events with a long-term strategy with environmental sustainability top of mind. This course examines how a trade show can be an effective marketing tool for businesses. The course covers how to position a trade show as an active marketing tool within a business's overall strategy, from the physical booth to staffing. But most important, this course looks at ways event planners can make trade show participation more sustainable, from travel to the location to food waste to marketing materials, to how the show benefits the host community. Looking at current examples of small local trade shows in Vancouver to global events like consumer electronics shows, the course will review how to be a more earth-friendly event planner and trade show participant?.

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