CEEB 152V, CEEB-153V,CEEB-154V, CEEB-155V

Clean Energy (PV) Specializations

Course Details

Institution:Camosun College

Length of the program:68

a. This course examines the fundamental principles of the application, sales and economics, design, installation, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) systems and is based on the information required for the NABCEP PV Associate credential.
b. This course provides students with hand-on skills for the installation of PV systems. Practice will include sloped and flat roof installations. Students will implement safety plans and installation plans.
c. This course provides the student with the ability to design PV Arrays. This includes how to review customer expectations, understand project criterion, assess a project site, configure the mechanical design and configure the electrical design. This course also covers North American electrical codes. The course teaches the information required for the NABCEP PV Design Specialist.
d. This course provides skills required to connect a PV array to the electrical grid as per the current electrical code.

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