XSUS 1122

Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices for Skilled Trades


Course Details

Institution:British Columbia Institute of Technology

Length of the program:5 weeks

This program is currently fully funded (tuition-free) by the BC Ministry of Post-Secondary Education, exclusively for Trade Workers who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents residing in British Columbia. Its aim is to enhance trade worker knowledge and skills, empowering them to contribute to the advancement of a sustainable trades economy. Please contact tradeup@bcit.ca for more information and to reserve your seat in the course. The Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices for Skilled Trades course aims to transition traditional trade business practices to sustainable ones, ensuring long-term success in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Discover the transformative power of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into your trade and explore innovative strategies that align with your business goals and the needs of the planet. Most importantly, motivate and engage your team by demonstrating your commitment to ethical practices and community involvement. Join us and discover how you can build a brighter future for your trade business, your community, and our planet.

Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.